Thinking Of Upgrading Your Business’ I.T and Network Infrastructure?

Bringing your business’ operations inline to cope with new technology is easier, and cheaper than you think

Don't let slow connections, slow your business down

In a bid to cope with the increasing demand of the modern working environment, many business’ have acquired old, unreliable solutions which resulted in minimal improvement in speed and operational efficiency. For years, common practice when internet connections appeared unreliable and unable to cope, was to simply increase the number of connections going into the venue.


This costly and inadequate approach is thankfully a thing of the past with new, faster connections widely available nationwide. By consolidating your business’ connections you can not only reduce costs but these powerful lines now allow business’ to adopt new and exciting technology which can actually drive customer footfall and increase sales.


What Is An Uncontended Internet Connection?


When considering your business’ internet connection contention is perhaps something you have overlooked, but is most likely to have the greatest impact on your day to day operations and productivity.


Contention refers to internet speed which is affected by other users.


When you experience slower browsing or download speeds during certain points of the day it is likely because more people are using the internet. These slower speeds occur because of the contention ratio. The contention ratio refers to the number of people sharing an internet connection. Typically with consumer broadband that could be upwards of 100:1, so you're sharing with 99 other households.


And whilst most business broadband services have a lower contention ratio, the connection's still being shared, so you'll still be affected by peak times. So if your business needs reliable connectivity at all times of the day, you're best choosing an uncontended connection.


Which Connections Are Uncontended?

Ethernet connections have been designed with business in mind, so they're completely secure, private and dedicated, guaranteeing the promised speeds at all times. They also come with service level agreements (SLA), to make sure your connection is up and running again if anything unexpected happened. These connections are completely uncontended


Types of uncontended connections:

  • Ethernet first mile (EFM)

  • Ethernet over fibre-to-the-cabinet (EoFTTC)

  • Ethernet over fibre (leased lines/EoF/DEA/DIA)


Contention ratio is much more important than speed, yet it's often overlooked. Internet speeds are an indication of what you could expect on a really good day, but for day-to-day work and guaranteed connectivity, contentions what you should be looking at. And the contention ratio in particular.


Broadband is essentially a consumer product by design. Day to day technology, things like CCTV, EPOS and booking systems rely on being constantly connected so for business', an uncontended Ethernet connection is the best option.

So now you have your connection covered what kind of new technology can you adopt?

Guest WiFi

Connect with customers when they connect to your Wi-Fi network with Korubu Guest WiFi. Collect valuable customer data to re-market to customers that is fully GDPR compliant. New regulations coming into force in May 2018 mean that the we collect and use customer's data will be under strict new rules. Breaching the new terms will result in fines but Korubu Guest WiFi has built in features which ensure your data is clean and ready to be used.

Cloud Phone Systems

A cloud phone system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) based business telephone platform. Cloud phone systems typically offer advanced security and telephony features such as: extension dialing and auto attendants. The primary benefit to choosing a cloud phone system over hosting your own is a reduction in time and money spent on running a phone system. At Beehive we don’t charge for our basic handsets. Another benefit? Cloud phone systems are built for scalability. Need another phone? No problem, your new phone can be configured and plugged straight in to your network.


A Beehive Success Story


Albion Farm, Saddleworth

Located in the stunning rural area of Saddleworth. Albion Farm shop is a popular destination

welcoming thousands of customers every week.


Sensing a shift in direction was on the horizon, granddaughter Laura became a partner in the business. Overseeing the management of the shop, Laura was also tasked with bringing the business into the digital age. The farm hosts regular events, seasonal menu changes and a wide range of high quality local produce is available in their shop.  


The problem?


There was no clear way to engage with their customers whilst on-site, with this in mind, Laura sought to find a way to utilise their high footfall.

What We Did


The farm had been operating with dated, old hardware and multiple slow lines. Beehive consolidated their lines, providing a super fast connection and installed new hardware to facilitate the new cloud phones and guest wifi technology.






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